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‘Your technology partner in training’

Backhoe Loader is like a Swiss jackknife for construction sector. This unique training simulator has been designed to teach effectively excavation as well as loading.

Real machine control and dynamics have been completely reflected to the product.

Through Bachoe Loader Training Simulators, operators:

  • Have a safe and effective training.
  • Be aware of occupational safety.
  • Get used to the real bachoe loder machine thanks to the original equipments.
  • Learn all about the machine, it’s functions and tools.
  • Practice real machine functions such as lifting, loading and digging.
  • Learn how to behave for emergent and critical situations.
  • Have knowledge on vehicle care.
  • Develop their vocational aptitude through diagnostic and printable reporting system.

pdficonSimPro3 – Please click to view the catalog.

pdficonSimPro6 – Please click to view the catalog.

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