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‘Your technology partner in training’

SANLAB Simulation Forkift Training Simulator has been designed to provide a fully immersive and 3D virtual training to train up qualified operators.

Forklift Simulator is an effective training solution that operators can completely understand the accident risks, safety applications and operational techniques in different work fields and time zones.

Software used in the simulator provides all the necessary elements to teach the safest driving techniques.

Through SANLAB Simulation Training Simulators, operators:

  • Learn all possible vehicle movements such as lifting, loading and banking up through various exercises and simulation module series.
  • Gain awareness of occupational safety.
  • Eliminate the accident risks resulting from wrong vehicle usage techniques.
  • Learn how to behave for emergent and critical situations caused by poor soil conditions, speed or wrong fork height.
  • Get used to the real forklift machine thanks to the original equipments.
  • Develop their vocational aptitude through diagnostic and printable reporting system.