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Turkey introduces SANLAB’S Training Technology to young entrepreneurs.


Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology Minister has said the country will make major strides in the technology sector through the introduction of training for young entrepreneurs.

Turkey is set to make major strides in the technology sector by introducing training for young entrepreneurs, Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology Minister announced Friday.

Speaking at an opening ceremony for the training programs in Ankara, Fikri Isik said the government is to provide young entrepreneurs with space in technology parks as well as a 50 percent discount on insurance premiums.

The training aims to transfer current technological and industry knowledge to young entrepreneurs to show them how to transform their ideas into saleable products.

“Increasing technology innovation and its entrepreneurism in Turkey is vital in reaching the country’s 2023 goals, such as creating twenty global brands and attaining exports worth US$500 billion,” Isik added.

The Minister also presented plaquets to eight projects, which have been chosen to be shown in Silicon Valley, U.S.

One of the projects awarded a plaquet was Evren Emre’s SANLAB, which builds training simulators and motion platforms for machinery operation in the construction and mining sectors.

“I used to work in the construction industry as a mechanical engineer. During this time, I saw many accidents due to a lack of training in handling heavy machinery, such as digger and earth movers, so I decided to develop realistic, virtual training for them,” Emre said.

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