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‘Lifelike Training’

Simulators are efficient training tools designed to simulate all dynamics and physical reactions of a real vehicle.They provide a 3D realistic training in a risk-free, and technological environment.

‘Cost-effective Training’

Through training by simulators, fuel cost, vehicle maintenance cost or vehicle wear cost are completly dissapeared.

‘Risk-free Environment’

Operators learn how to use the machine without having accident or any vocational safety risks.

‘No External Obstacles for Training’

Simulators eliminate the dependence for training on inconvenient day time, harsh weather conditions or unavailable environment problems.

‘Effective Training’

Thanks to the original equipments used in the simulators, operators become familiar to the real vehicle and have no difficulty in actual practice.As there is no accident risk, they feel safe and become much more concentrated on training and learn faster.

‘Eco-friendly Training’

Training by simulators is environmentally friendly, and does not cause gas emmisions, fuel usage or waste which harm the environment.