6-DOF Eğitim Robotu

6-DOF Educational Robot

SANLAB puts its experience in parallel robots for more than 12 years at the service of the education world in order to raise the awareness of students who are interested in robotic applications and application areas.

The 6-DOF educational robot, which does not fall behind with its structural features, provides our students with the opportunity to understand the structure of the 6-DOF robot, to understand the axis movements of a 6-DOF parallel robot with 6-DOF degrees of freedom, and to see the potential of 6-DOF parallel robots with application examples prepared for real-life usage areas. .

Highlights of the product:

  • Electro-Mechanical system with 6-DOF freedom of movement
  • 50kg total lifting weight
  • Easy to carry, modular system
  • Manual axis control
  • Signal Generator function
  • Signal Replicator
  • Advanced signal processing features
  • Real-time control with high loop speed with hardware real-time controller hardware and software,
  • Functional, easy-to-understand user-friendly interface
  • Movement limitation, movement termination mechanisms configured for user and system security
  • Application Examples:
    • Driving Simulator: Basic driving simulator controlled via keyboard and a PC steering system
    • Signal Generator: Generating desired motion profiles via user interface software and observing them on the system
    • Earthquake Simulator: Replaying the seismic records of earthquakes experienced in the past years with the Signal Replicator function
    • Manual Control: Manual control of the 6-DOF training robot via a joystick