Mechanical Design, Analysis, Production

Design, structural analysis and production of robotic systems, which are kinematically analyzed and suitable for system requirements, can be done.

Advanced Motion Control Algorithms

Academic studies of complex motion control algorithms for robotic systems are carried out and control algorithms are developed as the output of these studies.

Real Time Embedded System Software

Embedded system software is being developed for robotic systems such as 6-DOF Test Platform and 6-DOF Simulation Platform that must operate at high cycle frequencies.

User Interface Software

User-friendly, functional, advanced analysis and visualization tools that offer user-friendly, functional, user interface software are developed that can be easily used by users of all levels.

Turnkey Robotic Systems

SANLAB carries out all the engineering steps in the process from determining the system requirements according to customer expectations to factory acceptance testing of the product and installation at the customer's facility, and offers turnkey package solutions.

Our company, which was established in 2009, is a leading company in its sector and offers unique services in the fields of Motion Platforms.